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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide/oxygen is a safe, effective sedative agent used to calm children’s apprehensions, enhance effective communication and provide distraction from potentially alarming sounds and sensations that occur during dental treatment. It is works well to reduce the gag reflex.

Nitrous oxide/oxygen is blend of these two gases, mostly oxygen. The patient breathes the gases through a fitted nosepiece, and at the end of treatment, the gas is eliminated from the body very quickly with no lingering effects.

Patients normally experience a sense of well-being and relaxation. Since it may produce a sense of euphoria or giddiness, it is often called “laughing gas”. Children usually report a “tingly” feeling in their arms and legs, and sounds seem to have an echo. Nitrous oxide raises the pain threshold and makes time seem to pass more quickly, which is often important for young children!

Nitrous oxide/oxygen is very safe. It is well tolerated, works quickly and wears off just as fast. The dosage can be easily adjusted, and it is non-allergenic. Children do not become unconscious when breathing it, and can communicate freely.